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CPF Diversified Property Fund (formerly the 601 Coronation Drive Fund)

Fund Updates

Full Year Accounts - 30 June 2021

Half Year Accounts - 31 December 2021

Quarterly Update - June 2021

Quarterly Update - March 2022

Quarterly Update - December 2021

Quarterly Update - September 2021

RG46 - March 2022

Continuous Disclosure Notice - Meeting Results


Fund Documents

PDS - CPF Diversified Property Fund

TMD - CPF Diversified Property Fund

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Investment objective and Target Return

Since its inception in August 2016 – the CPF Diversified Fund (the Fund) has paid quarterly income to Investors equating to 8.00%1 p.a. (net of all fees and expenses).

The Fund aims to provide Investors with regular property-based income combined with the potential for longer-term capital growth.

As at the date of the PDS, the Fund is targeting a return of 6.00% p.a. (net of all fees and expenses).

The Manager expects the return for the Fund to be derived principally from income.

The investment objective and Target Return is a statement of intent, and we do not guarantee that the Fund will achieve this. The Target Return for the Fund will be reviewed from time to time. Any change to the Target Return will be posted on the Manager’s website and any material change will be updated via a supplementary PDS available on both the Manager’s and Responsible Entity’s websites.


Unit Price




Since its inception in August 2016 – the Fund has paid quarterly income to Investors equating to 8.00%1 p.a.


Investment Strategy

The Fund is an open-ended property fund and is able to invest into a range of property-based assets with the aim of generating income returns for Investors and also the potential for longer-term capital growth.  Further details are available in the PDS.


1 Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Distributions are not guaranteed and neither are any capital returns. An investment in the Fund comes with risks associated with investing in commercial property. You should read the PDS for more information about the specific risks associated with this investment.

Disclaimer: One Managed Investment Funds Limited (ACN 117 400 987) (AFSL 297042) (OMIFL) is the responsible entity of the CPF Diversified Property Fund ARSN 610 941 654 (Fund). The information contained on this website was not prepared by OMIFL but was prepared by other parties. While OMIFL has no reason to believe that the information is inaccurate, the truth or accuracy of the information contained therein cannot be warranted or guaranteed. Anyone reading this website must obtain and rely upon their own independent advice and inquiries.

Capital Property Funds Pty Ltd (ACN 162 323 506) is the investment manager for the Fund.

We recommend that Investors consider the product disclosure statement issued on 17 June 2022 and the TMD dated 8 July 2022  issued by OMIFL before making any decision regarding the Fund. A copy of the PDS and Continuous Disclosure Notices may be obtained from